Are you a leader whom others choose to follow?

Do you have the courage to insist on what you need and value?

Do you create the environments in which you and your people naturally flourish?

Do you really know yourself and the impact you have on others?

Do you leverage the best parts of yourself?

People are either leading their lives or they are being pushed around by life.  To lead others, one must first lead one’s own life. People who do this are natural leaders: they trust themselves, they take risks and they recover quickly from disappointment.  They do not blame others or circumstances for anything.  They bow gracefully to – though work to mitigate the consequences of – circumstances beyond their control.  They work as hard as they need to work to get where they want to go; they are relentless in pursuit of whatever quest they commit to.  They naturally attract those who are on the same quest.

If leaders are those whom others naturally follow, leaders must also be free to follow themselves, free of constant crippling self doubt and self loathing that seems to be so much a part of the human condition.

By creating the safest possible coaching environment with trust and useful input, challenging views of integrity and rightful action, building confidence and resilience, a leader can develop  the most effective and attractive possible self.

I am the fierce advocate for your best self. I am your key to being a better leader.