My Coaching Style

My vision as a leadership coach is to harness the talent, energy and brilliance of those who have been called to help others grow. I want to know what we can do if we think in terms of the unlimited, if we continue to grow ourselves and attract the ideal partners to work with.

Here is what you can expect from me:

  • A desire to  listen and put myself in your shoes to understand your point of view
  • A striving towards the clearest possible communication, expectations, & standards
  • A preference for action and risk over reluctance and safety
  • A repeated tendency to attempt way too much and the willingness to pay the price
  • Mistakes and rapid recovery
  • A passion for mastery of craft, thought and language
  • Impatience
  • Disdain for cowardice and whining
  • Irreverence,  lack of diplomacy and a foul mouth
  • A preference for “done is better than perfect”
  • Distrust for those who decline to reveal themselves
  • Respect for intellectual curiosity and rigor
  • Awareness that a deep human need is to be seen and heard
  • Ability to create an environment in which people might gasp, laugh and recognize themselves
  • Standing behind everyone on my team first and always
  • Make me laugh and I am your slave.  I’m cheap that way.

How I Work With You

We will spend 6-12 months,through face to face planning and wrap session, regular phone meetings, unlimited email, voice mail.

You will get:

  • Master Your Universe and Prime Objective
  • Goals, milestones and action steps
  • Knowledge of self
  • Vision & purpose
  • Values & needs
  • Leadership Point of View
  • Relationship Mapping