Keynote Topics

  • All topics available in keynote (1 hour) format, or can be lengthened for skill building workshops, and can be customized.
  • All Topics can be delivered in Webinar or Video conference format.
  • Components can be mixed and matched to suit audience need.

Leverage Your Best:  A coach’s secrets to radical satisfaction at home and work

  • Acknowledge Reality – Partner discussion

Are you a glass half-empty or a glass half-full person?  Either way, now is the time to look at your life with complete objectivity.  What do you have your head in the sand about?  What do you dread? What have you been lying to yourself about?  What is true and what are you going to do about it?

  • Master your Universe – Individual Activity

Too much going on?  The most common reason that people fail to reach their goals is that they have too many of them.  Learn this unbeatable technique to get a clear perspective on all of your goals and commitments so you can prioritize and turn down the noise.

  • Get Your Needs Met – Combined activity for needs and values with giveaway tool: Needs and Values Card Deck and planning sheets

Stop wasting time being driven by unmet needs – it is critical to understand your own personal needs so you can get them met appropriately.

  • Cherish and Protect your Values

Values are not a nice-to-have – you have them whether you like it or not, and the more you use them to make decisions, the more energy you will have.

  • Eliminate Your Tolerations – Individual activity with prizes + partner discussion

The list of little things that you are putting up with drains your energy without you realizing it.  Use a fast and easy tool to get a handle on what is driving you crazy and get a plan to eliminate all of it.


Leadership Investigation: Access Your Leadership Power

Knowing and growing ourselves as leaders is vitally important if people are following us.  How do you see yourself as a leader?

  • Do you know yourself as well as you could?
  • Are you pushing the envelope the way you might be?
  • Are you a beacon of courage and inspiration?
  • If not, what is getting in your way?

In this session leaders will answer these critical questions.  Leaders will participate in an unusual right brain activity that will help articulate a leadership point of view that will sustain through doubt and uncertainty.

The Coaching Mindset: Evoking the Best from your People; a Guide for Leaders

This session introduces the service mindset, a powerful metaphor for shifting to servant leadership (The Tugboat Metaphor), as well as The Marble Metaphor, or seeing and building greatness in ourselves and others. It also addresses impact on others through  The Three Perspectives – a method for discovering critical data about how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we need to be seen to be affective leaders.

Uncover why these questions are crucial and what to do about it.  Includes interactive exercise.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Leaders learn Masterful Listening, how to ask the best questions, and Testing for Truth. These tools will help them build trust and respect, as well as provoke insight and ignite creativity. Includes fun story and interactive exercise that immediately catalyzes discovery and builds skill.

Survival Skills for First Time Managers I

Part one of two in this series, this session will help attendees make the leap from individual contributor to managing others – letting go of the ‘old’ self.

  • Learn how to:
    • Identify an early win & fatal errors
    • Become a student of your boss
    • Find a mentor
    • Understand the job: description, KRA’s, top 5 success factors
    • Understand yourself: Strengths, weaknesses, Leadership Point of View
    • Understand your boss
    • Know your people
    • Understand the how the business makes money and what it has to do with you
    • Get aligned with the culture

Survival Skills for First Time Managers II

Part two of this series addresses goal setting, relationship mapping, giving feedback and the 5-15, a way for a whole team to stay informed, in touch and on top of it.

  • Learn how to set concrete and useful goals for yourself and with others
  • Discover the ultimate tool for managing critical relationships and leveraging them to achieve your goals
  • Take the fear and emotion out of saying what needs to be said

Women in Business: Tap the Power Source

This session is aimed at women executives, and helps them understand personal core needs and values, as well as how to use this self knowledge to build the highest quality work life & leadership effectiveness.

  • Stop sabotaging yourself: research on ways women sabotage themselves & how to stop doing it.
  • Identify and leverage strengths and gifts &  why it is critical for career success
  • Get some boundaries and stop being a slave to standards
  • Stop putting up with the little things that are driving you crazy

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